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Vincennes, Indiana, Its Commerce, Industry and Finance. Originally published in 1908 by the Baltimore and Ohio Southwestern Railroad. Reprinted in 2007 by Grouseland Foundation, this quaint booklet is an in-depth look at life in Vincennes after the turn of the previous century. Paperback, 32 pages.
William Henry Harrison commemorative plate.
Ten inches in diameter. Wedgewood blue.
Grouseland, Home of William Henry Harrison, our ninth President.
The official guidebook to the mansion, compiled by Grouseland staff. Numerous illustrations and photos. Paperback, 21 pages.
Lovely etching of Grouseland by G. Winston Huberer.
Etching measures 3.5” x 5.25” and is matted in a matching buff colored mat. Unframed.
Etched glass plate.
8” in diameter. Image of Grouseland is 2.5” wide. The perfect size to serve cookies while reading Mr Jefferson’s Hammer.
Jumbo coins
The jumbo coins are three inch diameter coins with raised lips on the outside, making them useful as coasters. They include the Lincoln penny, mercury dime, buffalo nickel, and Sacajawea dollar.
Pencil Sharpener
Pencil sharpeners; the covered wagon pencil sharpeners are 3 ¾ inches long and 2 inches tall with turning wheels. It has the sharpener in the back of the wagon and empties out the front.
The William Henry Harrison pez measures 4 ¾ in length. Harrison’s is the only Presidential pez that is sold separately therefore, is a collector’s item!
All Natural Handmade Soaps from Indiana
23 different types available, contact us for more information.
$3.74 each
Arrowhead Necklace
Arrowheads that vary in size from 1 ½ - 2’’ with rawhide neck strap.
Dream-Catcher Bracelets
Woven string mini dream-catchers with loop and tie closure.
First Family Pens
Features the Mansion in red with “First Families Grouseland Vincennes” in a blue border and has a tie tack back fastener.
Large Powder Horns
Measure about 12 inches in length, the small end opens. They are reproductions of horns used to carry gun powder.
$15.00 - Only one in stock
Small Powder Horns
Currently out of stock
Beaded Necklace
The Beaded Necklaces have multiple miniature United States flags, however the other beads on each necklace vary, and some have wooden beads while others the beads are medal. The necklaces vary from 18 – 20 inches in length with a thumb clasp.
Old Tippecanoe by Freedman Cleaves
The book gives us a warm, human account of a truly great hero. It includes a few tales of hardship of Harrison and his men during the War of 1812 when they ran out of food and some of the men wanted to go home. Also tells of Harrison’s battle for the presidency in 1840 with the slogan of “Tippecanoe and Tyler too.” (422 pages)
A Child of the Revolution
by Hendrick Booraem (hard back) $45.00
William Henry Harrison
by Gail Collins (hard back) $23.00
Panther in the Sky, by author James Alexander Thom
This book is great historical fiction of the life of Tecumseh and gives the reader a glimpse into the lives of the Shawnee. (683 pages)
William Henry Harrison Young Tippecanoe by Howard Peckham William Henry Harrison Young Tippecanoe was written for young readers. This book is included as part of a series on our patriots and tells of Billy Harrison’s adventures as a youngster. (112 pages).
Grouseland Rifle Poster 11 X 14
The poster of the “Grouseland Rifle”, the Indiana State Rifle features the rifle circa 1803 was made in Vincennes by John Small. Included on the poster are a decorative powder horn, pipe tomahawk, and various other items needed on the frontier.
Pencil Sharpener
The Revolutionary War cannon is 3 ½ inches long and stands 1 ¼ tall, the pencil sharpener is under the canon barrel and empties out the bottom. Please note in your order which one you would like to receive.
John Small of Vincennes by Jim Dresslar and Jeff Jaeger The life and work of John Small, master gunsmith of Vincennes, Indiana are made known in this work. Hard cover book, with 120 pages.
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